Iphone Display repair

We can replace your broken iPhone display…


In solutek we use to fix and repair our customer´s hardware in so many ways according to your budget,  time and needs. Changing a display can be easy or sometimes can turn into a nightmare, it’s up onto device or type of damage if should be repaired or replaced.

We can fix several damages to a screen, we are able to help you saving money repairing those devices with our refurbishing machines, fixing a screen that have been glass broken only so you don’t need to spend more money changing a part that is  actually working, otherwise if you has broken screen we can bring you a new one in a blink of an eye. Solutek is focused on bring you all the resources you need to fix your phone.

Do not trash your phone, don’t spend money buying a brand new if you don’t need it, replace and fix screens is more common that you think, Come to Solutek to watch by yourself.



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